Rice end to ideological attacks on the funding for AIDS programsof the U.

House of Representatives Barbara Lee , Henry Waxman , Tom Lantos , Nita Lowey , Betty McCollum , and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today to protest about attacks from right-wing organizations and republican members of Congress on effective of HIV / AIDS to stop the spread of HIV / AIDS and for funding process on merit and science, not ideology call. ‘With the attack on organizations with a proven track record of results the radical right, the coordinated campaign of false allegations is quite literally hurt the people we try to help them,’said Lee. ‘Our foreign aid programs should not be held hostage to an ideology that is the use of sound science steady. We are fighting a global pandemic, and there is no place in this fight for the culture wars or people who are trying to points political points with their base score.

The letter has a series of Congressional briefings, public hearings and letters to the Bush administration, in which the conservatives attack condom education, outreach to prostitutes and programs that they say discriminate against religious organizations and against abstinence education.The beauty of this land is that we, as American citizen, have the capability to come together and cause necessary and positive changes.

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