Scientists and the pharmaceutical industry exhibited HIV-positive people.

the the Chronicle, the authors want to find a way any every HIV-positive person in the world by the virus and from lifelong dependency on the medication the virus at bay the virus at bay, but they are way too expensive for the developing countries.. About Adama – Adamas is San Francisco Chronicle Examines Call for joint effort to combat HIV / AIDS EliminationThe San Francisco Chronicle examines on Friday a current challenge of HIV / AIDS advocates, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry exhibited HIV-positive people, the function of antiretroviral therapy and ultimately to reduce eradication of the disease from the body.

– Although highly active antiretroviral therapy has achieved success in delaying the progression of HIV, treatments are the ‘most expensive ‘and can not afford many developing countries cost of the drugs cost of the drugs, the Chronicle. According to the United Nations, more than 33 million people worldwide are living with HIV, but only four million currently receive HAART, of which one million are HIV in the U.S. HAART not completely eliminated from the body, which means that people need to take the drugs indefinitely. According to the Chronicle, ‘the primary goal is to find ways idea, but this latent virus particles ‘the scientists from HIV-positive people and ‘thereby forestall permanent dependence on these mainly expensive drugs. ‘By removing all the latent viruses in the cells of HIV-positive people, the researchers hope that the ‘immune system are infected are infected would be empowered with all the few virus particles that remain without ever more anti-retroviral drug therapy ‘ cope ‘the Chronicle reports.Addition to the the other end closing sores, Canica makes dynamically A suture systems for a wide variety from wounds, lacerations by the skin about large abdominal eviscerations. To its dynamic technologies is also used in devices which be used protect open wounds, and those that use for infants birth with cleft lips – lips segments gradually draws combined at preparation for repair surgical. Easily Military surgeons report key improvements in maintenance with Canica of wound closure schemes Rattew said. As more use in civil surgeons learn to about dynamic A wound closure and of our easy-to use devices that will benefit millions of patients who the world. A free service of The Henry Y. Foundation 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation, All rights reserved..

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