Stressed Reform fundamental to successful health reform.

Our nation’s patchwork of health human resources policy stands on the edge, overwhelmed by rapidly growing social and economic pressure, which can be increased by health care reform, Wartman says.. Stressed Reform fundamental to successful health reform, AAHC Obama Administration Tells health personnel reform is an essential element of health care reform, the Association of Academic Health Centers , the White House said this week. – We must change health workforce policy now to make sure that we are prepared, which many workers presented challenges through reforms if it can respond effectively, AAHC President Dr.

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Wartman cited the deteriorating state of of the nation’s health workforce, by the AAHC in its major report listed Out of Order, Out of Time: The State of the Nation Health Workforce. Wartman stressed ‘ Obama administration must these conditions with a ‘new and dynamic vision for the health workforce infrastructure ‘to the health workforce a priority to respond to health reform issue, and create a new, collaborative, multi-stakeholder health workforce body plan with a mission to ‘and implement and implement comprehensive and coordinated national health workforce policy. ‘ – Declaring the AAHC ‘s commitment to work with the administration and other politicians to successfully implement health care reform, Wartman noted, however, that ‘health care reform will not be successful if it is accompanied by a comprehensive health workforce reform.Financial: funded These research by an Aussie National Health and the Medical Research Council Health Services Research Grant (No. 351,558, the financiers role role in study design, data collection and analysis of, decision about the publication and preparation of the manuscript. Quote:.Cobiac LJ, Barendregt JJ PLoS Open Med 6 : e1000110 doi: 10.1371/journal.

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