The 2D projection images overlap normal tissue.

Conventional 2D mammography is currently the most widely used imaging methods for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. However, the 2D projection images overlap normal tissue, soft tissue masses and calcifications and affect the detection and visualization of cancer. Despite the advantage of excellent spatial resolution, conventional mammography, not all cancers, In addition, the early cancers to diagnose in dense breast tissue and cancer in high risk women such as genetic carriers, said Wei Tse Yang, lead author of the study.

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Cone Beam CT chest using a large X-ray beam in conjunction with a flat screen X-ray detector to scan and to generate 3D images of the breast. The scanner is placed beneath a table on which the patient lies in a prone position with the breast protruding through an opening. Only the breast to radiation results in higher image quality and preserve the rest of the patient’s body from unnecessary radiation exposure.Notes:. Based on the results of the study Aggarwal and, Scott and Simon conduct a clinical Phase I clinical trial to chemoradiation with lobectomy at selected stage. IIIA non-small cell lung cancer patients to follow addition Aggarwal and, Egleston, Scott and Simon, be authors of this paper Linna lithium, MD, Hossein Borghaei, DO; Ranee Mehra, MD, Neeta Somaiah, disc; Aruna Turaka, MD, Abraham Lebenthal, and Corey Langer, disc presentation Title: teachings learn from a tertiary referral Krebs center experience of presentation Time role of surgery and role of surgery patients with stage III A non-small cell lung cancer . Sunday 6th.

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