The almost unlimited fluoroscopy time permits.

With its rotating anode generator uses a variable pulse width of 4 ms and 50 to generate crystal clear images. Up to 25 frames per second, enabling high-quality X – rays of vascular structures with optimum contrast. The Advanced Active Cooling system keeps the temperature constant, the system prevents overheating and ensures uninterrupted imaging. H. H. Wheatley III, MD from Arizona Heart Institute, said that ‘the C-arm is often used for long and complex cases which may or may hours to complete. Hours to complete. Ziehm Imaging The system holds quite well and has never closed because of to insufficient thermal management thermal management This is critical, because the last thing we want, when treating a patient on the care of the C-arm is switched off because of overheating.

Medical School, Offers New Hope In Helping Older fight infections – could be prevented each year thousands of infections in the elderly and are are reduced following results from two studies that show that imbalances in the immune systems of people over 65 years to make them more susceptible diseases like flu or bacterial infections as a result of cuts and falls.

In a separate study, researchers at the Royal Free and University College Medical School, specifically on the importance of skin infections in the elderly, to examine the role of T lymphocytres, a type of fight the infection fighting the infection.

The individual studies at the University of Birmingham and the Royal Free and University College Medical School, conducted both funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council as part of his Science of Ageing and Experimental Ageing Research Initiatives..On Medistem Laboratories,Medistem Laboratories is a biotech company which researches and develops and markets adult stem cells product that address serious diseases. As amended by active discovery and development is its primary focus of Medistem includes a body of proprietary technologies is assembled outlicenses acceptable for commercial business into markets where stem administration has. Because of its licensees relationships and joint efforts with renowned institutes, Medistem believed it well positioned a leading creator of adult stem cells product.

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