The American Fertility Association

The American Fertility Association, a 501 national non-profit organization, yet. For infertility prevention, reproductive health and family planning building. New York’s most popular Nail Spa, Dashing Diva is ‘re-inventing the nail salon experience ‘for thousands of customers around the world with offices in the U .S. , Singapore, Australia, the Philippines and Kuwait. Dashing Diva is known for his innovative nail care in ultra in an ultra – hygienic and unique, branded environment yet.

Manicures & Martinis start at 06th at Dashing Diva Nail Salon in Manhattan, Gramercy Park Jamie Grifo of the NYU School of Medicine will be the keynote speaker at this inaugural event. 21 years old 21 years old are invited to enjoy a complimentary manicure and martini while. Conversation with Dr. Grifo on simple steps that can be taken now to chances of getting pregnant chances of getting pregnant later We are also at the service of Fertilitini – an organic, non-alcoholic specialty drink whose recipe is the result of a competition. Manicures & Martinis is expected to roll to about 20 U.S. Cities in 2009.

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