The British Red Cross.

The British Red Cross, with funding from the Big Lottery Fund, on a three-year nationwide project Inclusive First Aid , to provide first aid training is for people with disabilities started in September 2006 to develop known. The project ended in December last year, with several thousand apprentices successfully completed first aid courses throughout the UK. Mark Beagan the Inclusive First Aid Manager at the British Red Cross said: The project was very successful and we have at least a thousand more people as a target, we first determined to reach trained how it been so well received by the disabled community. Scheme to extend the scheme for the foreseeable future.

First-aide First Aid is a complete success Say British Red Crossthousands of persons with disabilities successfully obtain first aid training from the British Red Cross in the past three years, said a report by the charity.Hu and his colleagues used data from more than 32,000 males health care professionals, that every two years questionnaires be answered by 1990 to 2008.

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