The centers had been surveyed in 2011.

To qualify for the Outstanding Accomplishment Award, a center should be in compliance with 29 other program criteria also. Nationwide, 106 programs, or 22 % of the total malignancy centers, received Outstanding Accomplishment Awards. In the Chicago area, just three centers besides Loyola received the award. Getting treatment at a center certified by the Commission on Cancers ensures that a patient will have access to the entire selection of quality cancer treatment close to home.. The award is usually given to a select group of centers that receive the highest ranking in each of seven standards.‘Acupuncture is among the few things been shown to be effective for these symptoms. It could be particularly attractive to patients who cannot take medications because of intolerable side effects.’ The scholarly research, executed by Mayo Clinic physicians focusing on pain management, included 50 patients identified as having Fibromyalgia for whom additional symptom-relief treatments were ineffective. The sufferers were randomly assigned to get acupuncture or simulated acupuncture and were not knowledgeable which treatment they received; these remedies were administered in six sessions over two to three weeks. All patients received questionnaires before treatment, after treatment immediately, and at one and seven weeks after treatment to determine the amount of symptoms they skilled and the way the disease affected their daily lives.