The major risk factor to diabetic kidney disease.

The authors suspect the reason for the lower intake could be that the beneficiary were overwhelmed and chose traditional Medicare by default. Furthermore, older Medicare beneficiaries with limited cognitive abilities have difficulty identifying the most valuable option from a complex set of Medicare alternatives. This is especially important in view of the high and increasing prevalence of cognitive impairment and dementia in the aging Medicare population.

The study is online in the journal Health Affairs. It in the September in the September print edition of Health Affairs.The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 initiated a series of payments increases the Medicare Advantage program. This payment hikes dramatically the number of private plans participating in the program increased and promoted plans for enrollees , by including competing lower premiums and higher advantages, such as prescription drugs.About 30 % of people having diabetic going evolve of kidney failure while yet can be the risk of premature death of the cardiovascular disease Eighty to ninety % of the people with type 2 diabetic and hypertensive, the major risk factor to diabetic kidney disease. Diabetic kidney disease Optimizing blood pressure control essential very important and at prevent that the risk of kidney failure and died for these patients, says Dr. Ruggenenti.