The New York Times reports.

Ade Edward, director of the Center for West Sumatra disaster management called an official end of the rescue efforts Tuesday, it was normal practice in any disaster after six days, the newspaper writes. News outlets researched the health effects of natural disasters in Indonesia, the Philippines, Samoa and India has been taken almost a week to Indonesia from an earthquake , HRH the city of Padang with disinfectant in sprayed an attempt to escape from diseases in Padang, reported to prevent..

a great field hospital opens on the parking lot to the main hospital in Padang, which collapsed after parts of the hospital after the earthquake is many a lot of basic medical . Although substantial aid was sent to Indonesia, means the extent of the disaster, heavy rains and road damage, aid trickles into the survivors, Reuters writes. Peter Guest, deputy country director for the World Food Programme[ WFP] in Indonesia, said WFP fortified biscuits distributed in the area, the news service reports . examines Typhoon Ondoy, the effect on the health care facilities in the Philippines. At least 15 major public hospitals and health institution sustained damage estimated at about $ 14 million, the paper reports (Pazzibugan..In this population patient, the standard dosage of medications obtained by the end of having body concentrations of the low to for to TB bacillus developed kill and resistances, he said. G of Infectious Diseases editorial staff accompanying the study suggests that monitoring the levels of anti-TB drugs in a patient’s blood could be more important than the monitoring of compliance therapeutic , in contrast to the current WHO guidelines. – ‘The information demonstrate based to our preclinical model, that non-compliance alone should not be for the formation multidrug-resistant tuberculosis,’Gumbo said. ‘It could be inexpensively patients measure active agent concentrations for the treatment and intervene in increases in dose into those who are instantly clear where the drug out of their systems.