The poverty was the main obstacle to net operating cost.

However, in 2003 15 percent of 15 percent of Togolese children under five slept under a mosquito net and barely 2 percent under LLIN. Until today, the poverty was the main obstacle to net operating cost. Although the average price of a net is only about two to five dollars, around 90 percent of poor households.

Public health multi-tasking has had remarkable success on a smaller scale, but have never met at the national level. In addition to a free LLIN and a measles vaccine, Togo, children also:.Altair Therapeutics, a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for respiratory diseases, favorable results from a Phase me announced multi-dose certainty and pharmacokinetic study of its main product, weekly inhaled AIR645 in healthy adults and mild asthma. By Dr. Michael by Dr. Michael Hodges , chief medical officer to Altair Therapeutics at the European Respiratory Society Annual Congress of in Vienna.

AIR645 exposures in the sputa was found to a dose-dependent, and is no accumulation the medicinal product was evident. AIR645 half-life sputum has been calculated to 5 days. 5 days. AIR645 concentration was u003e 1000 fold higher than in the sputum in the plasma, indicates very limited systemic bioavailability for of the drug.