The researchers found that the occurrence of early side effects.

The researchers found that the occurrence of early side effects, such as fatigue and loss of short term memory, that manifest significantly during or shortly after treatment both both late side effects and overall survival in patients suffering from malignant brain tumors such as glioblastoma.

Lpath’s lead compound, Sphingomab, is a monoclonal antibody directed against a validated cancer target, sphingosine-1 – phosphate and has. Compelling results in preclinical studies against various cancers, and heart failure in AMD Sphingomab is potently anti-angiogenic, but it has other mechanisms of action that may prove advantageous in the clinical setting. As such, Lpath believes Sphingomab can the next generation of anti-angiogenesis-based therapeutics represent.

Sphingomab is a monoclonal antibody against sphingosine-1 – phosphate , a key bioactive lipid that is as a cancer therapeutic as a cancer therapeutic target. Recent scientific literature suggests S1P is a potent tumorigenic growth factor that is by from tumor cells, and S1P may be a novel biomarker for early-stage cancer detection.The study is subscribe up to 24 patient with advanced breast, ovarian or prostate cancer. Under the Protocol DPX-0907 will in order to people with stable breast cancer or ovarian cancer, Unfortunately, to be administered with minimal biochemical and metastatic prostate cancer.. Approach Begin recruiting patients to Phase 1 Trial Of DPX-0907 Cancer Vaccine.

Study detailThe clinical study is being – – label Phase 1 trial for sequentially that safety of two doses.

About thoracic, ovarian and prostate cancerscancer the second cause the cancer deaths with American women, to lung cancer and slew an estimated 40,000 female in 2009, by to the National Cancer Institute. It is is estimated that approximately $ 8.1 billion output at the U.S. Each year. In that treating breast cancer.