The rising cost of health care would increase taxes.

The rising cost of health care would increase taxes, push pay increases, and other state programs. In the future, can we really afford Medicare, Social Security and our current market-based health care as they now developed? And with rising costs, if changes in these areas can not be made, where will future funding come from? Education? Security? Infrastructure? Research? These are tough decisions, no doubt.

Out of 191 ranked countries, the United States was the 37th but the most expensive. While some have criticized its methodology, the report shows that the United States spent $ 4,178 per capita health care in 1998. For the sake of comparison, had 29 countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development have an average per capita expenditure of 1 The OECD is made up of countries committed to democratic government and the market economy. It includes countries like Germany, France, Britain, Japan and the United States.To a research paper appearing in Nature on 21st And Dr. ByKevin Hiom Maximina H. Yun of taking the Cambridge University the laboratory describes how is an important the cancer gene operates by raising the accurate, is repaired by which the broken DNA and thus reducing the risk of developing cancer.