The study is published online in Annals of Neurology.

The researchers on data from a subset of 6,000 women, all concentrated at the age of over 65. The women took three cognitive function tests, saturated fats thatan average period of four years tests were arranged. These women are very detailed food frequency surveys filled at the start of the Women’s Health Study, before the cognitive tests. – An analysis of changes in cognitive function, which we have found is that the total amount of fat intake is not really important, but the type of fat has, said Olivia Okereke, BWH Department of Psychiatry.. The study is published online in Annals of Neurology, a journal of the American Neurological Association, and Child Neurology Society.The research team analyzed data from the Women’s Health Study – originally a cohort of nearly 40,000 women, aged 45 and over.

Better pattern of cognitive scores over time – ‘Our findings have important public health has,’said Okereke. ‘If we start in the good fats instead of bad fats is a fairly simple dietary modification to prevent loss of memory might. ‘.

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