The system combines several functions.

The system combines several functions, including an interactive, image-guided robotic arm, special imaging technologies, small dermal punches and a computer interface.After the system over the scalp of the patient is positioned, is used to identify and harvest Artas follicular units. The follicular units are stored until they are implanted into the patient’s recipient area using manual techniques.

This is much faster and less invasive than traditional harvesting techniques.But there is a catch, only men with brown or black hair are candidates.There are many causes for hair loss in men. However, in the vast majority of men with hair loss, hair, whichhe cause of hereditary androgenetic alopecia, better known as ‘male pattern baldness. ‘The tendency for male pattern baldness is from both sides from either side of the family. The creation of small follicular unit grafts has enabled hair restoration surgeons to create natural-looking hairline and results. There are a great medical treatments are now offered in the form of a pill and a topical liquid . They require lifelong treatment its effect its effect..The participating free of charge parking of parking be will receive Rush. Refreshments are served to registered participant. Order to register.

Information On Talk therapy to heart and vascular diseases, March At Rush University Medical Center – Rush University Medical Center offer for free community event provides the latest information on health care heart and vascular treatment 6-8 clock on Wednesday, The program is Rush will the campuses on to the armaments Academic Center at 600 S. Paulina St. Chicago, room nine hundred ninety-four is held. – ‘progress in therapies for and Cardiovascular illness ‘three interventional cardiologists with will perspectives in the future of medicine and how do you benefit from the latest advances in treatment made available in Rush.