The work builds on JILA expertise in measuring positions of microscopic objects.

CellCept holds the promise of a better quality of life for people with lupus the debilitating effects the debilitating effects of severe lupus kidney disease Current chemotherapy drugs for the treatment of lupus nephritis have serious potential and life-threatening side effects that may be worse than the primary disease can be for more than 30 years since the FDA has approved a new treatment for lupus. Jen Acer Ketchum ketchumcomms.. The work builds on JILA expertise in measuring positions of microscopic objects. A DNA molecule captured at one end to a movable table and at the other end to a polystyrene bead with an infrared laser linked. During the movement of the stage in order to extend the DNA molecule to measure changes in the scientists bead position using custom electronics and a second laser, by calculating the force acting on the bead, based on the based on the exercise intensity of the laser, and compares it to the position of the bead in the optical trap, which acts like a spring to measure DNA DNA elasticity.

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