This document describes how to interact with MUC1 and of MET.

This document describes how to interact with MUC1 and of MET, which is a receptor for hepatocyte growth factor phosphorylated. HGFs are notoriously important for tumor progression and also influence cell motility. We are documenting the interaction between these two proteins and indicate a molecular mechanism by which the interaction works, Hollingsworth said. The interaction between the two sends signals to the cell nucleus, the to change the transcriptional profile of a tumor cell.

Is an important modulator of MUC1 several pathways tumor progression tumor progression, motility and morphology of the cells. The study found, interacts with and modifies the function of p53, a tumor suppressor. Discover Hollingsworth team MUC1 MUC1 a molecule that plays a role in the biology of pancreatic cancer, several years ago. They have since learned that it protects the cell surface and sends information about the cell surface to the nucleus.

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