This group has shown that these oils work by destroying fungal cells by damaging the cell membrane.

This group has shown that these oils work by destroying fungal cells by damaging the cell membrane. They believe that further research into the mechanisms by which this essential oil have have significant clinical benefits. ‘Lavandula oil shows broad spectrum antifungal activity and is highly potent. This is a good starting point for developing this oil for clinical use for the treatment of fungal infections administer. What is needed now is clinical trials clinical studies, as we mean in vitro work in vivo, said Professor Salgueiro.

Strong antifungal effect of lavender oillavender oil could be used the increasing incidence of the increasing incidence of antifungal – resistant infections, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. The essential oil has a strong antifungal activity against strains of fungi, the infections for common skin and nail.

Essential oils from the genus Lavandula Lavender distilled is already widespread, especially in the food, perfume and cosmetics industry. Studies of the biological activities of these oils suggest Lavandula oils have sedative and antispasmodic properties as well as potent antibiotics and antioxidants.Noteson ADRCsobtained fat stem and regenerative cells include a group of cells, including adult stem cells, endothelial precursor cells, tissue macrophages, of microvascular cell and vascular smooth muscle cells.

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