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Prior to this research, there was little understanding of how RIG-I protein recognized the viral infections, said Patel. Is important because is important due to the double – molecular structure of the viral RNA, he said, can identify a failure of RIG-I on viral RNA to changes in the cell, including apoptosis, inflammation, autoimmune diseases cause and cancer. .. This is a first step, the scientists say, to therapies that interfere with the development of a variety of viral infections – a breakthrough for millions of people who ill from viruses treated effectively effectively treated As a result can get... Bailey said parts of Asia, circumcision of Africa in conjunction with the correct technology formation and medical tools equipment and accessories necessary to carry out a large number of circumcision sure to be done. are are already is a great number out of boys and young men who try the curtailment into regions of Africa where people are TradChinese traditionally circumcised, he said. The danger is that unskilled practitioner recess form a by making pruning circumcision, but with considerably higher complications.

On the 12th In December stopped to the more the NIH clinical studies to male circumcision from investigators Uganda and at the Johns Hopkins University in carried out after the trial Data Safety Monitoring Board check the provisional results and found a protective action similar to the one been found to Bailey study.

If an significant proportion of men get cropped within a population, is be a tremendous effect on prevention of HIV infection among men, and the reduction of infections among women are said Bailey.