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Building on this breakthrough discovery Seli found that found that a profitability concerned score by non-invasive assessment of embryo culture media using metabolomics pregnancies among women in four different centers in Europe and Australia treats produced rx web . This is done in collaboration with Molecular Biometrics, coauthory Sakkas, Lucy Botros, Marc Henson and Kevin Judge – will be presented at the ASRM meeting be met study co-author. – These results have important implications for the more than 125,000 IVF treatment cycles performed annually in the United States, said Seli. The high multiple pregnancy rates with IVF significant health consequences, such as decreased survival and increased risk of lifelong disability associated with severe prematurity. .

Embryos that are most likely to result in a pregnancy crucial for the success of in vitro fertilization , but are difficult to identify. Researchers at Yale School of Medicine, Emre Seli , develop a rapid, non-invasive tests to assess the viability of IVF embryos.

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Rasheed obtained his medical degree from and PhD into the cellular and molecular pharmacology from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Student School of Biomedical Sciences Currently, he is a medical oncology Fellow of Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Johns Hopkins, John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Is important that financed research focused on various populations pancreatic cancer stem cell are related, and that regulate regulate cancer stem cell growth and spread the body. Since these rules be Rasheed then investigate such cancer stem cells inhibiting is also possible, the development of novel the development of novel cancer stem -targeting therapy.