Three of these cases were fatal.

He created symptoms on 9 Might, was hospitalized on 16 Might, and died on 19 Might. The investigation identified that the man cleaned pigeon faeces from blocked roof gutters at his home shortly before symptom onset. No further potential source of publicity was identified. The rest of the two patients are a 43-year-old man from South Jakarta, who created symptoms on 6 May, and a 15-year-old gal from West Sumatra, who developed symptoms on 17 May. The 43-year-old guy offers recovered and been discharged from hospital. The 15-year-old young lady remains hospitalized. The resources of exposure for both of these situations are under investigation. The confirmed instances provide the cumulative total in Indonesia to 48 newly.These hazards are acknowledged by vaccine manufacturers in their product inserts, documented in numerous research, substantiated by the federal government government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Program , and confirmed anecdotally by parents. For instance, the MMR vaccine manufacturer concedes that diabetes, thrombocytopenia , arthritis, encephalitis , Guillain-Barre syndrome , and death, have got all been reported during medical trials of its vaccine. Peer-reviewed studies link the haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine to epidemics of type 1 diabetes, the hepatitis B vaccine to autoimmune and neurological disorders, and the flu vaccine to paralytic ailments.