To promote health.

According to the authors developed occupational therapy is the use of targeted activities to results, to promote health, injury or disability and the development, the best chance to improve or restore the highest possible level of independence. .

Occupational therapy after stroke works to better results in terms of the ability in personal activities of daily living that it, the authors concluded.Further research is needed to determine what kind of people the best chance of occupational therapy and the specific interventions have the best effect to benefit, said the authors. – Occupational therapy for patients with problems in personal activities of daily living after stroke: a systematic review of randomized trials Lynn Legg, Avril Drummond, Jo Leonardi – Bee, JRF Gladman, Susan Corr, Mireille Donkervoort, Judi Edmans, Louise Gilbertson, Lyn Jongbloed, Pip Logan, Catherine Sackley, Marion Walker, Peter Langhorne BMJ Online First doi: 10.1136/bmj.

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