Van Zoelen MAD.

Van Zoelen MAD, Florquin S, de Beer R, Pater JM, Verstege MI, Meijers JCM, van der Poll T: Urokinase plasminogen activator receptor-deficient mice demonstrate hyperoxia – induced lung injury reduced American Journal of Pathology. 2009, 174: 2182-2189.

American Journal of Pathology 2009, 174: 2035-2043.. In addition to the identification of specific food ingredients and food categories susceptible to fraud researchers researchers used used the types of analytical methods for the fraud, as discovering the nature of the fraud with three categories: replacement, addition or removal. For example, % of the records involved exchange – replace an authentic materials in whole or in part by other, less expensive substitutes. An example is the partial substitution of olive oil with hazelnut oil. Further examples are potentially harmful substitution of toxic Japanese star anise for Chinese star anise, and the partial replacement of low quality spices with lead ) tetraoxide or to imitate the color of lead chromate higher spices.

Sloan EK, Ciocca DR, Pouliot N, Natoli A, Restall C, Henderson MA, Fanelli MA, Cuello Carrio s FD, Gago FE, Anderson RL: Stromal Cell? high risk patients caveolin-1 predicts outcome in breast cancer.That data show that Debio 0,614 able substantially reduce pulmonary at patients with worsening cardiac insufficiency and left ventricular dysfunction has been approved. These results were the 57 American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting of in Chicago presented by Mihai Gheorghiade, Professor of Medicine and Surgery of the Northwestern University Chicago and Chair of the Steering Board study.. Over the WJG compressedThe WJG pressing principally releases World Journal of Gastroenterology.sigma-tau Debio 0614 acute heart failureDebiopharm , a global biopharmaceutical developing expert focusing on severe diseases in particular the oncology and cardiology, and sigma-tau industries Farmaceutiche Riunite SpA , a leading Italian drugmaker, introduced positive efficacy results of a phase IIa horizontal-HF study to Debio 0,614 , also known as a istaroxime, in the development of for treating acute heart failure.

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On World Journal of GastroenterologyWorld Journal of Gastroenterology a leading international magazine Gastroenterology and Hepatology has established a reputation for the publication class science on esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, hepatitis, colorectal cancer, and H pylori infections and a forum for both of clinicians and research scientists. NoG was indicated and abstract in Current Contents / Clinical Medicine, Science Citation Index Expanded SciSearch SciSearch) and Journal Citation Reports / Science Edition, Index Medicus, MEDLINE and PubMed, Chemical Abstract, EMBASE / Excerpta Medica, Abstracts periodicals, countryside Clinical Practice Gastroenterology & Hepatology, CAB Abstracts and Global Health.