Vanita Chopra.

Vanita Chopra, and Jonathan Fox, of spirit and MGH Neurology are co-first author of the PNAS study Other co-authors are Greg Lieberman, Kathryn Dorsey, Kazantsev and Anne B. Of mIND / MGH Neurology;. Wayne Matson, Boston University School of Medicine, Peter Meier forest, Novartis Institute for Biomedical research, Switzerland, and David Houseman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This study was the discovery of new Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Fund, MIND and the Massachusetts General Hospital supported.

They also found that C2-8 not with a number of molecules predictive interaction of negative side effects.

The studydentifies potential treatment for HuntingtonMass General Institute for Neurodegererative Disease a compound that a compound that can lead to a treatment that could protect against the effects of Huntington’s disease . Their report, which will be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, describes how a small molecule called C2-8, loss of motor control loss of motor control and appear neurological damage in a mouse model of the disease. The study gets early online release. – ‘We found that C2-8 slows the progress of HD in a mouse model and may do the same in human patients, if they or their biochemical relatives a drug a drug,’says Steven Hersch, of spirit and the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Neurology, who led the study.The Healthcare Commission be host the International Society for Quality in the Healthcare 23 annual conference, restarted for the first time.

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