What really struck my attention with that feat was WOW!

Why you might ask, because I really do not know anyone in my neighborhood that may do it. I will be known as the strongest guy on my block.. 3 Insights From the Bench Press Record of 1010 Pounds I was browsing the net and came across a youtube video of a man name Gene Rychlak that bench pressed 1010 pounds breaking the aged bench press record of 1008. The 1st thought that could come to the average persons mind can be steroids but that basically does not matter to me about whether the guy used steroids or not.Since forever, our ancestors possess inculcated delicious and healthy food option within their daily diet and have managed to lead a wholesome life, effortlessly. It’s time we cast a look back again and reignite those traditional diet plan that helped our ancestors lead a robust existence. Introducing: Almonds Among the foods which were most popular in earlier times was almonds, or ‘badam’, as we know it. Considered to be full of nutrients, badam isn’t just a wholesome energy giving meals but is also a perfect on-the-go snacking option.