When presented with the arguments for and against paid sick days.

When presented with the arguments for and against paid sick days, people kept saying they found convincing arguments per – sickness. While majorities of all groups surveyed backed continued pay in case of illness, support was strongest among women, low-income workers, people with less education, 1461can Americans and Democrats showed the study.


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Estimated that 7 million Californian have no health insurance, and if they are sick or are injured, they have to to visit overfilled emergency rooms, In this year nursing is more expensive than in hospitals. Early access to a doctor is crucial medicine health issues out of degradation and avoiding costly treatment.

California is ranked 47th in the nation in Medicare refund rates. Insufficient state support restrict access because the doctors can not not provide a high number of a large number of Medi-Cal patients and still opened their doors.

The California Medical Association represents more than 35,000 medical in all modes which practices and specialty. CMA is dedicated to to the health of patients in California.