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‘of great interest of great interest for both business and leisure travelers, and expatriates a dengue a dengue infection and are excited about this risk of returning to a dengue endemic area. ‘.. It is becoming more and more essential that health care providers to understand the clinical spectrum of dengue and its diagnosis. Wichmann Wichmann ‘Given the increase in business travel and other travel, and the global spread of dengue fever, these findings have important implications for the future burden of severe imported dengue infections have ‘said.

The report proposes a 10 – point plan for risk of cancer to reduce: Stay slim and slender. Hold the bottom of the normal body weight and not gain on the extra pounds.

So a person the importance of overweight and obesity. ‘Another panel member, the International Obesity Task Force in the UK, Dr W Philip T James is based presides, the report got a message was’as clear as a bell, ‘The. Obesity obesity is ‘so tough , it will soon close to the smoking problem in America Rank’..Introgen is developing molecule therapeutics, immunotherapies, vaccines and nano – treatment for treating a broad spectrum of forms of cancer with a tumor suppressor and cytokine. Introgen maintains built research, development, manufacturing, clinical and regulatory sections and operates multiple manufacturing by on a commercial scale cGMP production facility is. Statements in this press release which are not strictly historical may be forward looking statements , with the Securities at connection with regulatory, clinical, and business updates any that Introgen to be. Actual results could describe from the in this release in general due to risks and uncertainties that may exist in Introgen’s operations and business environment, including Introgen’s the product development phase and the limited experience into the development of gene-based drugs , which differ depending upon proprietary technology and the current competitive environment, history of operating losses and the accumulated deficiencies, to obtain on reliability out of relationships, and the uncertainties associated with clinical studies, the safety and effectiveness Introgen product candidate, the capacity to regulatory approvals, Introgen patentability and market adoption , as well as others risks which.

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