Younger Women Less inclined to Take Meds After Heart Attack: TUESDAY.

The gender gap in treatment initiation among young women is an important finding because younger females have much worse outcomes after struggling a heart attack than do males of the same age, said study co-author Karin Humphries, a co-employee professor of cardiology at the University of Uk Columbia, in Vancouver. This finding shows that younger women should be treated aggressively, especially when we have medications that work, Humphries added in a information discharge from the American Cardiovascular Association.AMT will produce and offer the adeno-associated viral 5 gene therapy item to the Consortium. Because of donations collected through the French Telethon, the French Muscular Dystrophy Association , a Consortium member, will completely fund the development system through to completion of the Phase I/II clinical research, including all AMT manufacturing costs. The overall manufacturing contract entails payments to AMT of EUR1.8 million. If the Consortium successfully demonstrates proof concept in the Stage I/II study, AMT could have an option to obtain full commercial rights for the program. The Phase I/II clinical study is scheduled to begin with before 2013. This partnership leverage’s AMT’s proven experience in cGMP manufacturing of gene therapy products and our encounter in progressing the products through clinical development and the regulatory processes needed for successful commercialization, stated Jorn Aldag, CEO of AMT.